How to place an order

in 5 steps

1. Contact us!

What kind of models and how many of them do you want us to take care off?



10 space marines 

5 terminators

3 character models

1 cybot



2. specific plans

What color scheme would you like? Do we have to build the models for you?

What quality standart would you like?

Do you have specific ideas?


- effects (OSL, weathering and so on) -

- sculpting -

- how much time do we have to finish the order -

- Custom order, scene base, showcase (Stufe 4) -



3. pricing

We will create a price list according to your plans.
after that we talk about payment, installment plan, shipping and so on. Everything is possible!



10 space marines 18€/each

5 terminators 25€/each

3 character models 35€/each

1 cybot 50€/each


4. sample

We will send you photos of a finished model as soon as possible.
after that we can talk about changes and so on.
Of course we send you updates during the work on your models!

5. completion

When your order is complete we send you photos of all the finished models you wanted us to take care of.
If you are happy with the result you do the last payment and we take care of the shipping of your models.